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Fine Art

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Fine Art

Lately, I've noticed a few "discussions" about FINE ART, HIGH ART and so on. In my humble opinion, does it really matter which it is you do as long as you're enjoying the journey?
I classify my art being collages, portraits etc. as vignettes.. not really complete and never really done. With the portraits, I don't like adding a background - in my mind's eye, that just mucks it up. I want all the attention on the subject - whether that be human or animal doesn't matter. I don't want anything detracting from it. With the collages.. well, it's very hard to put in any kind of background that won't look weird.. so they all end up having this complete/incomplete look to them. Which is what I want.
On rare occasions I actually put in backgrounds (the dachshund series).. but that's mostly because somebody wants it that way. The art I do strictly for myself is more to the point.
It all goes back to a teacher in a commercail art school I attended. He was walking around the room checking on how every one was doing (we were illustrating children's stories). He came by mine and said he was pleased (the background was only partially in). A while later.. he came cruising by again and this time he said "you've ruined it"!! I had "filled" in the background thinking that it would look more "complete" that way. Well. guess what I never do now.. FINISH ANYTHING!!
When I abandon a piece.. it is because I am pleased with it at that point. I know that there is always more I can add.. more detail, more color but why? I rarely go back to change anything and I try very hard to NEVER come back and FINISH it.. and it's all because of that teacher.
On the other hand, I guess that means that I'll never be a "fine" artist.. I'll just be a working artist for the rest of my life, which in the long run is just "fine" with me.