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Art.. maybe..

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Art.. maybe..

You get so sidetracked trying to make a point that frequently the original thought is completely lost. So, to that end, I wanted to make a point about how I feel - and this is NOT open for discussion- about art and how I do it. You can call me a copyist or an artist.. doesn't matter. What does matter is that what I see I put down on paper, canvas.. and a variety of other formats. When I'm working on something the most amazing things can happen. I almost feel God-like in the "creative" process. There is a point at which the art seems to take on a life of it's own.. it begins to breath. You can't get that feeling when doing an abstract or a scene. There is only one type of art that happens in, for me, and that's realism in portraits.. nudes, animals.. living, breathing creatures. You can look into a face and see God looking back.. it is a thoroughly addicting feeling.. something that you can never stop doing. I've gotten pounded on a lot for being outspoken.. doesn't mean I'm going to change.. but I have things to accomplish right now and don't really have the time to play..
To those of you who miss me.. I'll be back.. to those of you who wish I would stay gone.. I'll be back.. 11/03/07 I've managed to finish 5 but have a lot more to go.. but, I must share this with you. I have noticed something happening to my art.. not a bad thing. You know how you get into a "zone" where you hear nothing, see nothing but what you're working on? I'm getting there more often with less effort than before and what I'm noticing is that the work has improved even more. I finished a multiple Great Dane and I swear he could walk off the page!! It was so.. almost humbling.. you sometimes look down at your own hands and wonder how in the world is this possible? I'm human.. I'm flawed.. how can this come from me? Anyway.. time to get back into the zone.. have a lot more work staring at me that's got to get done.. later..